Hilltop Lakes Real Estate Homes for Sale in Texas

Hilltop Lakes Texas GolfHilltop Lakes real estate provides a resort community in Texas which supports an abundance of activities for the entire family, friends and loved ones.

Among the long list of things to do, Hilltop Lakes 18-hole golf course would have to be at or near the top of the list. Nestled in the central Texas area, about half way between Houston and Dallas, the golf course at Hilltop Lakes provides a challenging 18 holes of peaks and valleys, trees galore, deer running across fairways, a plethora of wildlife and the beauty of a course that has matured over its many years since being founded in 1962.

Although the course is for members or guests of members, those who wish to spend a vacation and lodge at either the campground, mobile home park or motel are afforded the opportunity to play golf which comes highly recommended. Watch out for the deer!!

Hilltop Lakes: A Resort Community

Hilltop Lakes TX
One who decides to purchase real estate in Hilltop Lakes resort will soon realize how Hilltop allows those either living or visiting to relax and enjoy the quaint atmosphere and true ‘community’ feeling that is simply a way of life here. For the most part, everybody knows everybody and beyond just the term community, Hilltop Lakes Texas truly can be categorized as a family of neighbors that blend golf, crafts, hobbies, etc. into community events and neighborhood gatherings.

How would you like to be able to have the opportunity to drop a hook in the water at daylight, tee off at 10AM, stop in for lunch at the Lodge after the ninth hole, finish the round, and go home for an afternoon nap? Then that evening, follow the calender of events and go to one of your Hilltop Lakes’ neighbor’s homes to have dinner with a new found fraternity of friends. This is considered ‘normal’ at Hilltop Lakes and why it is truly considered more than Hilltop Lakes real estate, but more clearly defined as Hilltop Lakes resort community.

It will not take long before you realize that Hilltop Lakes real estate is more than just buying a home, but clearly a means to become involved in Hilltop Lakes fraternity of friends, neighbors, and all its numerous activities.

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